My essential SW list

As I unpacked my bottle of Fry Light into my holiday home cupboard I couldn’t believe how different my cupboards and fridge look now compared to before I started Slimming World. It made me think about the products I now couldn’t live without (well obviously I could but it would make maintaining my weight that much harder) and make sticking to plan that little bit easier, so I thought I would detail what are my lifesavers:

  1. Fry light – I have tried every flavour but really only use the original and I use it for all cooking, including all the meals I cook for my boys
  2. Muller Lights - Any flavour I am not fussy apart from Blueberry Muffin, it actually makes me heave, I don’t know what it is but something about that yogurt gives me shivers, even thinking about it gives me a funny feeling in my throat
  3. Eggs – Such a versatile ingredient, I always have a better loss when eggs play a bit part in my week, I scramble, poached, fry, add to salads and rice dishes, soak bread in them, make mini muffins or bake them in ham but my favourite is just boiling them and using them to snack on
  4. Pears – I tend to snack on these more than anything else, I do get through an awful lot of them and I think I had to eat only one food for the rest of my life it would be a lovely ripe pear
  5. Skimmed Milk – I would never have used skimmed milk before Slimming World and actually it took quite a while to change over to it from Semi, but I love my coffee and realised I need more hex a allowance a day and therefore switched to skimmed and most of the time I don’t even notice the difference (A little secret I can’t resist a full fat latte if I’m hangover though, a skinny just doesn’t do the job)
  6. Coffee – I’m a mum of 2 and 4 year old boys, I think regardless of being on SW or not this would fuel my day
  7. Pasta – SP days are really difficult for me as I do enjoy Pasta and it’s also a nice cheap ingredient and I find if I am fully on plan the shopping can get rather expensive with all the fresh fruit and veg. Pasta bakes are a family favourite and I will literally throw in whatever I have left over in the fridge and I also like to throw left over pasta in omelettes
  8. Zero/Diet Fizzy Pop – I struggle with ensuring I drink enough during the day and I do find having cold fizzy pop in the fridge makes me want to drink more. I often find that having fizzy drinks tend to curb my sweet cravings also, so a real winner (ASDA Tropical is my drink of choice)

There are lots of other foods which make the process easier and I do really enjoy items such as Alpen Lights and Hifi bars (these are especially helpful on SP days) but I do find I tend to over eat on these, I will quite honestly sit down and eat the entire box so I treat these as a luxury rather than an essential item.

Happy weight loss everyone.

Leanne X


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