Ruined Routine

I have a fairly set weekly routine, I tend to stick to same activities and outings week in week out and fit my food plan around these, but the last week or so this seems to have gone out of the window, illness, snow and now illness again has ruined all my planning and good intentions.

Yesterday the eldest was off school and the little one spent most of the day wanting cuddles on my lap and so we spent the entire day stuck in the house watching films and it really is true that boredom leads to bad choices.  The only thing I could think of all day was food and I don’t mean the apples and pears in the fruit bowl, all I was craving were the chocolate swiss rolls and crisps in the cupboard, so what did I end up choosing, you guessed it.....chocolate swiss rolls (and not just one, I ended up eating four of them), an ice-cream and 2 packets of crisps along with 3 hifi bars and the remains of two colin the caterpillars the boys couldn’t finish, so that was my SP day out of the window yesterday and my plan to stick to plan.

So this morning I have woken with the intention of getting back on plan but yet again my routine has been thrown off with the continued child illness and now I’m full of cold, so instead of the swimming pool followed by soft play its yet another morning stuck at home and I can already feel my will power dissolving.

My only saving grace is the fact that I have lost my sense of taste so I am hoping this may put me off of eating all the goodies in the cupboard as I can’t even taste their yumminess... I say whilst stuffing the remains of a white baguette into my mouth (white bread is a real downfall of mine, I try not to buy it but the boys said they wanted it for lunch and who can resist two poorly poppets) so I wonder what food may come my way today!

I am hoping that I am not the only one that really struggles with a break in routine. Luckily I treated myself to a countdown at Slimming World on Tuesday so as soon as I’m back from my holiday I am giving myself 5 weeks to knuckle down and get back into target, I am going to plan my weekly food and keep a food diary to help.

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