Say what?

Ahhhhhh my head is about to explode....why do people feel the need to say ‘you don’t need to lose anymore, you are fine how you are’, it’s by far one of the most annoying comments. More annoying as it’s normally said by someone who is much smaller, that has been banging on for the last half an hour about how much they are overweight and need to go on a diet.

Some of the other comments that I have heard since losing weight:

‘You have lost far too much now; you are all skin and bones’

‘You look so skinny’

‘What’s the secret?’

‘Hope you don’t become anorexic’

‘I can’t believe you are eating that, I thought you were on a diet’

‘You look so much better now’

‘Let’s hope you don’t pile it all back on again’

‘How are you going to keep it all off?’

‘How much saggy skin have you got though?’

Some people are generally concerned that I will take the weight loss to far which I do understand, but I think those closest to me know that my love of food would never allow that. It does bother me that people think it's impossible for overweight people to lose weight safely, in a controlled and healthy way and that if we do manage to change our lifestyle and lose a large amount of weight then you will swing the other way, I'm sure that they wouldn't say something as offensive to someone that had gained a few pounds.

Some comments I’m sure are said out of jealously as weight loss does throw the dynamics of friendship, going from the ‘fat’ friend to becoming an equal is often difficult for everyone involved.

And some comments I’m sure are just said because they can’t think of anything else to say but want to compliment you even if they go about it in a really strange way.

Of course it’s lovely when people notice you have lost weight and compliments are always welcome, but crikey do some people not think before they speak, it has certainly made me more aware of when I am commenting on other peoples  weight loss.

What are some of the worst comments you have heard? Can you beat mine?

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