SP Days

SP days are still a bit of a mystery to me, I have tried them several times throughout my Slimming World time and I still don’t know whether they are worth it.

I think my main problem with SP is my obsession with Muller Lights, I honestly eat around 5 or 6 a day...I am working on my addiction but I’m not winning that particular battle, but that’s another story (and maybe after that battle has been won I can work on bananas).

I use SP days mainly when I have over indulged and need to try and claw back some of the naughtiness, I never really know whether it makes much difference but always makes me feel a little better and I have to admit I was over the moon when Blueberries were moved from Free to Speed.

SP days still seem to be that grey area of Slimming World, despite consultants suggesting it for that extra boost whenever I talk to people about it everyone seems to do it slightly different. My interpretation of SP is basically this – eat nothing else apart from foods with an S or P, allow yourself an extra hex b and then the only other food you should eat is that with syns but this is where people differ. For example I won’t eat yogurts even if they have a syn value as I believe that breaks the rules of SP and I won’t eat any prepared meals that may have ‘free’ foods in them, so I take quite a strict approach to SP days.

So the question is what does everyone else do?

Happy weight loss everyone.

Leanne X

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