Sunday Night Planning

Sundays have always been my 'planning' evenings, these have got even busier now I am also planning for On Plan Planners. Sundays seem to be a good day for me to plan as I have the majority of my shopping (I do a few fresh shops throughout the week) and I also have my week of kids activities and gym sessions planned so I know what i'm up to.

I am off on holiday again in six weeks and so I have given myself the next six weighs in to get back to goal, so this means that I need to stick 100% to plan (I am about half a stone out). My planning needs to be top notch and more importantly I need to stick to it. I am hoping because the next few days are going to be really busy with getting everything ready for launch I wont have much time to think about food.

The one thing that I noticed while planning this evening is that I seem to be stuck in a rut with food, I have the same thing every week and an awful lot of mince. So this week I am going to try some new recipes, I have been looking at making some veggie sausage scotch eggs and I think I may make a nice speedy risotto, I also saw on instagram earlier someone making syn free coleslaw and although its probably quark based I am going to give that a go as well. I really need to find some inspiration so its lucky that the new SW magazine is out this week and I may need to go back through all my previous food diaries to find some successful weeks and copy the recipes I did back when I started.

So tomorrow I am starting with smoked salmon, mushrooms and scrambled eggs (although it will be a bit of a rush with the school run), lunch I am making a wrap pizza and dinner I am trying the Heck sausages with a roasted vegetable cous cous, the only danger tomorrow is my friends birthday lets hope I can resist that!!!!