Weekends – Off Plan or On Plan?

So what does everyone do - Have a cheat day? Use Flexi-syns? Stick to plan?

What do I do? Well when I first started Slimming World I didn’t ever break the plan, I didn’t have a day off plan the whole eight months, I was so focused on the end result that nothing would get in the way. If I was going out, I would plan my syns accordingly, check menus before heading to a restaurant, drink diet coke instead of alcohol and if I’m honest some events I just declined knowing that there would be no way I could resist temptation, but my view was I could miss a few events to achieve an end result I had been dreaming of for so long and I have to admit it worked.

Now though things are slightly different, I’m still a few pounds over target but I still class that as maintaining as I’m in control of my lifestyle and aware of what I’m eating.  Weekends have become cheat weekends (which I need to reign in a little if I’m ever going to get back to target).

The one thing I do now though regardless of whether I am having a full cheat day, meal or just a few syns extra is record and write everything down in my food diary so I am aware of exactly what I have eaten and drunk and the syns value for that over indulgence. I find that by doing so I get straight back on plan, if I don’t keep count one day seems to drift into another off plan day. So I think the key to whichever method you decide to follow is recording it and a blow out once in a while isn’t such a bad thing but will probably slow down your journey to reaching goal.

Tip -Pop a penny in your coat pocket or a different part of your handbag for every drink you have while out, it’s so easy to forget to count a drink here or there, this way you can keep count (however drunk you get).

Happy weight loss everyone.

Leanne X

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