Family Meal Ideas – Can anyone help?

So since launching last weekend we have been really busy, who knew there was so much involved in starting a new business. We are now starting on our summer range which should hit the website within the next week. I’m loving our new covers, they are really making me think about what I need to do to achieve that beach body J

So just an update on my weightloss, with running the business and looking after the boys I haven’t had so much time to think about food which has been a blessing, I did of course plan my weeks worth of food but I have found I have been grazing. I have been just munching things without really noticing as I have been distracted or trying to do several things at a time...for example the left over mash potato the boys had yesterday, a couple of mini eggs from the top of an easter cake, forgetting to ask for a ‘skinny’ cappuccino, not weighing my granola just winging it....all of these little things added up to a disappointing weigh in on Tuesday.

Once Easter is out of the way I am going to get back on it. I have decided that I am going to use a meal planner for a few weeks rather than a food diary as I want to plan several week’s worth of ‘family’ meals so that we all eat the same and if I do nibble any of the kids left over’s then it will all be on plan.

If anyone has some brilliant family recipes that my young boys may also like, please do leave me a comment, I am struggling for inspiration and seem to be stuck in the spag bol, lasagne and pasta rut.

Happy weight loss everyone.

Leanne X

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