Weigh Day Worry

Today’s post will be that of two halves as its weigh day. I have only been on plan for 3 days, the snow just wrecked my planned healthy eating, I seemed to just class it as holiday as my routine had been thrown out of sync, so I have spent the last three days following SP and actually getting myself back into the gym.

I go on holiday Friday, so need to find the motivation to remain on plan for these last few days and I am hoping for a positive scale outcome. I still find it strange that when I first started with Slimming World I managed 8 months of consistent losing (apart from Christmas when I put on a pound) the rest of the time I lost something every week and now I spend my time gaining, losing, maintaining and then just repeating the cycle.

I think if I manage to lose something today it will spur me on again. I am then hoping to do my best at sticking to plan whilst away, although I know this will be really difficult as my holidays tend to revolve around food, we have already planned all the restaurants we will be visiting.  I am taking my running kit with me and hoping to rope the husband in for a few runs to limit the damage and there will be lost of walking to help with a bit of bodymagic.

So now all I need to decide is what time to weigh in. I normally go at 7.30pm and hit the gym straight after but my son has now started swimming at 6pm so have been attending the half five class but today I may nip along to the 3.30 class and get it out of the way nice and early. Not sure what shifting the time will do to my weight or whether the time of day I weigh has now bearing on my weight – weight day decisions!!

Happy weight loss everyone.

Leanne X


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