Wonderful Weigh Day

Well all the hard work paid off and I managed to turn the week around and achieved a loss of 3.5 pounds on the scale. I have to say I was really pleased with that and do wonder what I could have lost if I had stuck to plan for the entire week.

Despite such a good loss, it didn’t stop me pigging out yesterday evening in celebration, I think it’s for this reason I know I will always struggle with my weight and will be a constant battle. I am most certainly an emotional eater – happy, sad or stressed you name it I will use food to get me through. At the moment I have a lot going on and now add in two poorly boys I am really fighting to stay on plan but have decided to try and have another SP day today as I think this was key to my great loss. I have written my food plan and keeping my diary for the next two days to ensure I am on plan.

The holiday is getting closer and I am starting to plan what I am going to take for the car journey. 6-7 hours in the car with children and several service stations on the way is going to test my will power to the max so I am preparing in advance and hoping my only purchase will be a couple of coffees.

Car journey menu so far:

Water – lots of bottles

(Breakfast) Overnight Oats – Haven’t had these for a little while so will be a nice treat

(Lunch) Left over pasta – Will be cooking a big batch the night before, the batch for the car I won’t add cheese to so I can save 3 syns towards my coffees

(Snacks) – Fruit, Salted Hifi Bars, Hard boiled eggs (the stink the car might force me to eat these early in the journey, but we are leaving at 5am, so double breakfast is acceptable – right??) and a Freddo Frog. I needed to add a little chocolate treat as I know the kids and husband will be eating them and I will most likely not be able to resist, so if I allow myself one that will satisfy my sweet tooth.

So my challenge for the next two days is to stay on plan and complete my SP day ready for my holiday.

Happy weight loss everyone.

Leanne X

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